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With One of Three Types of CleanMail:

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How it Works

CleanMail's highly accurate filters instantly scan for spam, viruses, worms, and other attacks, blocking overt threats outright, and diverting suspicious messages to offsite quarantine.

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Why Use It?

Productivity, availability, and quality are core issues - businesses simply cannot function without reliable and trusted email. CleanMail provides a cost-effective, scalable solution.

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Stop inbound SPAM, Viruses, malware, directory harvest attacks, denial of service, spyware and phishing before it reaches your network.



Everything in Filtering PLUS
encryption and outbound mail inspection for viruses and policy enforced content. Customizable content rules, filters, and pattern matching. Ability to manage outgoing email file attachments.



Everything in Filtering and Security PLUS archiving and retention for from 1-9 years. Messages are archived in the cloud so there is no need to purchase and stay ahead of storage needs. Stores the same message from multiple sources once. Intuitive ways to search, flag and report on archived messages.

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